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A long time coming

Its taken me a long time to complete but its finally done!  10/25/2008, Ive completed my first webcomic!  I feel great about it but Im ready to do even more so I can learn more about the craft.  It took a lot of time but it was worth it.  Lots of research and I still have plenty to learn.  It’s over at www.webcomicsnation.com/kamikaze34.  Im about to watch the Ohio state penn state game so I wont be working on any more tonight. 

One love,



happy fathers day

happy fathers day to all the fathers out there today.  enjoy!

the learning curve update..it’s combining!

To all those who are followers of the learning curve blog, I will be combining the blog with my other blog, Pisces Concepts.  You still will get the same content, but now it will be coming from my webcomic’s blog at piscesconcepts.wordpress.com.  It’s a short jump but it will still post on the weekends and will be an additional webcomic every three weeks.  So, make the jump to Pisces Concepts and thanks for your support, it truly means a lot to me.

Be blessed.

happy memorial day!

as a veteran, i want to say thank you to those who gave up their lives for my freedom. Have a safe and happy Memorial day to everyone. 

be blessed 

Comic Book Movie Rules

I just happened to think of this while watching Arrow this past week.  Normally people who watch a certain genre of movie knows what to expect, like horror movies have their own rules, and so do others.  I know as a comic book fan that watching the movies and thinking about what may happen is just part of the entertainment.  I was thinking about a few comic book movie and TV rules that are seen by others, since I yell at the TV sometimes when I know something is foreshadowed.  I see other people do too when I live tweet.  Let me know some that you have either seen or heard before that applies.

One that I know of is an old rule.  The hero/heroine should never be in a relationship.  This has been argued and debated for a long time, and it has been proven wrong on occasion, but there is something to it.  Oliver Queen goes through this argument in just about every season so far.  Every hero/heroine who ends up with someone has to eventually break up, move away, or some other alternative due to the nature of the character..they are heroes.  They eventually put someone’s life in danger from the villain and even though it’s not intentional (?), majority of the time, villains will hurt them by going after their families or loved ones.  It can be confusing at times but one that can either be a plot point or and turning point for the character.

What are some other rules that you’ve seen or heard?

Be blessed.

upcoming trailer project

hello.  i havent forgot about posting but lately it has been a very tough road in terms of time.  there is some news, hiwever concerning pisces concepts.  im working on a trailer for the blog so that i can possibly present it at a panel at the cincinnati comic expo this September.  

Its been crazy but i love to create so be on alert for updates as well as work for the shield of justice webcomic.  

be blessed

Mass Effect 2 is my new favorite

I bought this game at the same time I bought ME3 a few months ago because I heard alot of good things about it from others.  I haven’t felt like playing anything for a while, but recently I finished ME and decided to start on ME2.  It had me hooked from the beginning.  This game is great all around and I haven’t been able to stop.  Currently, I’m at the last level, I think.  I decided to start it again with a female shepard this time and it’s an even better experience than the first so far.


Be blessed.

My Hot Comic Book Read (Spoilers Ahead,be warned)

I’ve been reading a lot of comics lately, trying to get my mojo going again for my webcomic.  I like to try different books and not just lock in to the Big Two, and I’ve found a bunch of good ones.  The one I look forward to the most though is one I just wasn’t going to give a try in the beginning.  I am so glad I did because Red Hood and the Outlaws DC Rebirth has been a great read for me.  I thought the idea was good but with so many Rebirth titles, didn’t give it too much of a chance.

Of course the cover caught my attention first, but what really got me hooked was the dynamic between the three of the Dark Trinity.  Having Red Hood, Artemis and Bizzaro working together (somewhat) has been not just a growing experience for them, but they are entertaining as well.  Red Hood has been a favorite  of mine since Under the Red Hood movie, and his part as the unofficial leader is very well done.  Artemis has quickly grown on me as a tough, take no prisoners Amazon that actually has a great story behind her motives for working with the two.  Bizzaro’s story even has me rooting for him to find what he’s looking for, people to respect him. From the art to the dialogue, the story so far between the three has been refreshing because they don’t apologize for who they are, they just do their thing and go with the flow.  Batman’s line in one of the stories I though captured the whole book:  “the world might have just enough heroes, Jason.  Maybe we can do with a few outlaws.”

Let me know, what books are you reading that should be on my Hot List to read?  Drop your comments!

Be blessed.  outlaws