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A long time coming

Its taken me a long time to complete but its finally done!  10/25/2008, Ive completed my first webcomic!  I feel great about it but Im ready to do even more so I can learn more about the craft.  It took a lot of time but it was worth it.  Lots of research and I still have plenty to learn.  It’s over at www.webcomicsnation.com/kamikaze34.  Im about to watch the Ohio state penn state game so I wont be working on any more tonight. 

One love,


Will “Birds of Prey” ever be made for the Arrowverse?

I had been thinking about this on a regular basis and it really crossed my mind while talking to some people at the Cincy Comic Expo this year.  I enjoy the Arrow series and all the spinoffs from it, and Supergirl has really grown on me.  I am hoping that the story grows more in Season two, although I wish Big Blue was not in the show.  (it’s HER show, let her develop!)  I’m sure others who follow the show has noticed that the show has enough strong female characters to feature a Birds Of Prey show.

Think about it, They already have the three main characters, Overwatch-Felicity (let’s face it, it’s really Oracle), Huntress, who is sitting in prison for almost killing her father, and Black Canary, well anyone who knows comics pretty much knows what can (and might) happen with her.  They can have a good rotation of female and possibly male characters each week (if schedules allow).  Vixen, Supergirl(?), Nyssa, White Canary, Katana  and even some new ones that could show up, like Manhunter.  I think it could work but it’s not up to me.  Hoping that @theCW and DC would take note and get this going.  They already have four days of DC shows, make it a fifth.  Let me know how you feel about an Arrowverse Birds of Prey is doable.

Be blessed.

Pictures from Cincinnati Comic Expo 2016

I think the pictures speak for themselves!  More to come tomorrow! Be Blessed.


Cincinnati Comic Expo 2016: Bigger and Better

Well, I’ve hit the Expo for the last two days, and even though I won’t be attending the final day, this one was fantastic.  I’ve met some new people who has never been to a Con before, and it fell cool answering some questions they had about the floor, vendors and panel times. I stood in line with some very nice people and showed a lot of interest in Comics, movies and other types of entertainment.  The biggest draw for me was the celebrities who showed, and they all came as advertised.  John Barrowman was without a doubt the winner for me for the Expo.  He was absolutely hilarious and had the entire panel entertained from start to finish.  I won’t give away any more celebrities until I post their pictures tomorrow.

I will be putting some pictures up today and the rest tomorrow along with the Pisces Concepts page for the Dark Knight series.

Stay tuned and be blessed.

Cincinnati comic Expo in two weeks…

It’s that time of year where Football is back (My Bengals won today) and the Cincy Comic Expo is only a few weeks away.  This year, I learned to do a little preparing for some events there, namely where the celebrity invites and artists will be located as well as what panels have my interest. Last year, I went on a Friday, which I haven’t done at Cincinnati’s before.  It was a great way to start the Expo weekend, and I also was able to see where everything was located before getting the floor plan.  I also met some great artists who were there as well.

This year, they really were able to get some great guests, so I am getting more and more excited for this one.  Stay tuned for my pictures from the Expo.

Be blessed.

Mass Effect..why haven’t I played this sooner?

Okay, I have to admit, as an Xbox 360 owner, I seriously slept on this game.  Now I know this game is several years older, and I do play video games when time allows (which isn’t that much),but I  am really impressed by this game.  I bought Mass Effect one, two and three combined over the past few weeks for about $20.  I heard about this game while watching RadBrad play it on his Youtube walkthrough account one day.  It looked like it was interesting (and it was affordable), so I bought it.  I am so glad I did.

This game reminds me a lot of the first game I bought when I bought the Xbox: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.  I was hooked on that game for weeks.  The level of things you can do,the worlds and star systems you can encounter and the different species of aliens you encounter is extremely well done and keeps you guessing as to what will happen based on your decisions.  The Paragon and Renegade meter does take the page from Star Wars, but overall,this game is one of the best I’ve played on Xbox 360 and I’m only on game one.

Well played,Mass Effect.  Well played.

Be blessed.

Comic book trivia night results 

Well last Thursday, I had thought about how I would tackle the trivia night hosted at a local restaurant, The pub in Rookwood.  @PubRookwood has always been great hosts but my regular team from the last two told me that they wouldn’t be there.  I’m used to going in ready for the game, but we needed to avenge our previous loss.  I was surprised to see that not only my team was there, but we had two other cool members to run with,so GAME ON!

I always had a great time with my teammates, so I was really ready to get our first place title.  We started off rolling through rounds one and two.  I was confident, then I got cocky that that victory was ours.  In the end, we lost in round four. Second place is great but it wasn’t first.  We accepted it like we should have to a better team, but we are already planning for next year.  

Be blessed. 

New post coming tomorrow about comic book trivia night.

Stay tuned.