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A long time coming

Its taken me a long time to complete but its finally done!  10/25/2008, Ive completed my first webcomic!  I feel great about it but Im ready to do even more so I can learn more about the craft.  It took a lot of time but it was worth it.  Lots of research and I still have plenty to learn.  It’s over at  Im about to watch the Ohio state penn state game so I wont be working on any more tonight. 

One love,


Mass Effect..why haven’t I played this sooner?

Okay, I have to admit, as an Xbox 360 owner, I seriously slept on this game.  Now I know this game is several years older, and I do play video games when time allows (which isn’t that much),but I  am really impressed by this game.  I bought Mass Effect one, two and three combined over the past few weeks for about $20.  I heard about this game while watching RadBrad play it on his Youtube walkthrough account one day.  It looked like it was interesting (and it was affordable), so I bought it.  I am so glad I did.

This game reminds me a lot of the first game I bought when I bought the Xbox: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.  I was hooked on that game for weeks.  The level of things you can do,the worlds and star systems you can encounter and the different species of aliens you encounter is extremely well done and keeps you guessing as to what will happen based on your decisions.  The Paragon and Renegade meter does take the page from Star Wars, but overall,this game is one of the best I’ve played on Xbox 360 and I’m only on game one.

Well played,Mass Effect.  Well played.

Be blessed.

Comic book trivia night results 

Well last Thursday, I had thought about how I would tackle the trivia night hosted at a local restaurant, The pub in Rookwood.  @PubRookwood has always been great hosts but my regular team from the last two told me that they wouldn’t be there.  I’m used to going in ready for the game, but we needed to avenge our previous loss.  I was surprised to see that not only my team was there, but we had two other cool members to run with,so GAME ON!

I always had a great time with my teammates, so I was really ready to get our first place title.  We started off rolling through rounds one and two.  I was confident, then I got cocky that that victory was ours.  In the end, we lost in round four. Second place is great but it wasn’t first.  We accepted it like we should have to a better team, but we are already planning for next year.  

Be blessed. 

New post coming tomorrow about comic book trivia night.

Stay tuned.

Happy 4th of July!

Be safe, be blessed and have fun!


Better movie trilogy: Batman vs. Captain America

Someone had brought this question up on Twitter about the two comic book movie franchises since Civil War has been in theaters.  I thought about this one over the past week and came out with my decision. Who do I feel had the better movie trilogy Christopher Nolan’s Batman or Marvel’s Captain America?

First off, I loved, not LIKED, loved the two characters’ movies.  Both are different but has shown some growth in each movie, either positive or negative.  Each movie I see as equal in their own right, so here is how I broke them down:

  1. Captain America’s first movie and the Dark Knight Rises equal each other in terms of lack of appeal to me.  I enjoyed them, but with Captain America, this was his origin, while The Dark Knight Rises was almost rushing to get it finished.  Bane’s character was visually great, I didn’t get too involved with him overall.
  2. Captain America Civil War and Batman Begins equal each other in terms of expectations, and they didn’t disappoint me in that manner.  After the Batman and Robin disaster, Nolan brought a new type of Batman.  He made his beginnings more well known as well as Bruce’s psyche.  Civil War brought about a new change in Captain America from his first movie: Do it all soldier to not trusting the government.  The new jump off point for new characters in the MCU helped as well, but Captain America went from hero to criminal and it showed how his priorities changed.
  3. The Dark Knight and Winter Soldier equal each other in terms of how well they were made, period.  Both were action packed in their own way.  Batman had discovered that not every criminal has the same motives, i.e. the Joker, while Captain America realizes that same thing, in the form of Hydra infiltrating SHIELD.  Both movies kept me thinking the entire time, and was incredible.

In the end, I had to go with the wildcard..the villains.  The Joker trumps everyone in the two franchises as well as Ras Al Ghul being well represented.  So I have to give it to Batman by a slight margin based on their villains.

Be blessed.



Captain America:Civil War response..SPOILERS!

SPOILER WARNING! This was the BEST superhero movie I have seen so far, notching The Dark Knight by a slim margin.  Unlike most movies I’ve seen I went into this with high expectations due to the track record that Marvel Entertainment has done in weaving their movie franchise into a very good story (with some movies as the exception, Iron Man 3).  I was not disappointed in the outcome of the movie for several reasons:

  1. Everyone who was involved had a great time to shine on their own.  I wondered how they would be able to get the superheroes into their own onscreen time since the Civil War showcased several.  Marvel did a great job of showing them interacting  with others, Wanda and Vision for one.  That romance has been shown in the comics and how they’re approaching it now is a good start.
  2. The action scenes were dynamite.  It was not muddied down with all the people involved.  Everyone had their own style of fighting and it showed on screen.  From Captain America’s shield throwing, Black Panther’s fighting style, to Ant Man using his suit it all blended in well.
  3. The acting.  This to me was the most important.  The way that the comedy was blended in with specific dialogue in different circumstances was top notch.  Everyone knows Spider Man loves to joke around, and it was on display very well.  Ant Man as well continued his comedy  gold.  Black Panther was all business, the same as the Winter Soldier.
  4. the Story.  The movie itself took me two different types of thoughts.  Who was right at the end of the story and what is coming up next, since this is only the start of the Civil War, not the ending.  Civil War did a great job of leaving people wondering who was in the right, and in this time when the Presidency at stake this year, this movie was perfect timing.
  5. Zemo.  With the heroes opposing each other, I almost forgot about Zemo himself.  He did what Ultron and Loki couldn’t do, beat the Avengers.  I hate when the good guys win without any type of damage done to them, it makes a boring character.  Zemo pulled off what the Joker did in The Dark Knight:  He turned the heroes into villains.  One issue that I did have was killing off Crossbones.  I would have loved to have seen what he could do working with Zemo in the upcoming movies (Since Zemo survived) but that’s how it goes sometimes.
  6. The new heroes:  Spider Man and the Black Panther were the best onscreen performers in the movie for me, without question.  Spider Man was exactly how I pictured he should be: Comical and powerful.  Showing off his skill set was amazing to see and how he handled them with talking was very funny.  Black Panther was my winner, however.  His thirst for vengeance almost made his kill someone innocent and how he was able to overcome his anger was important to see.  I can’t wait to see these two in their own movies soon.

Be blessed.


Queen City Comic Con..was it worth it?o

Short answer for me…yes.  Since this was the first time that they had this available this early in the year, I went into it with an open mind.  I really enjoy the @CinciComicExpo when it hits in September.  I’ve been there every year except the first year.  It has grown into an excellent show and I enjoy everything about it (especially the entertainers that they are able to sign).  I just felt that it wouldn’t be right to not give this a chance as well.

I liked that people did come dressed up to this.  It was cool to be back in my comfort zone Saturday.  I did like getting to meet the artists that were there and talk to them about their art.

What I would suggest, though is that this venue in April would be a great opportunity to use the Comic Book Trivia contest next year.  Just a thought. Be blessed


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