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A long time coming

Its taken me a long time to complete but its finally done!  10/25/2008, Ive completed my first webcomic!  I feel great about it but Im ready to do even more so I can learn more about the craft.  It took a lot of time but it was worth it.  Lots of research and I still have plenty to learn.  It’s over at www.webcomicsnation.com/kamikaze34.  Im about to watch the Ohio state penn state game so I wont be working on any more tonight. 

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Favorite TV show DVR list

Okay, here’s a question for you to answer by Friday.  What show or shows are your favorite to watch currently? I have alot on my DVR  right now that I’m trying to catch up on right now.  New ones that I’m trying out now:

Training Day: Looks really good so far, and I’m a fan of Katrina Law. See?


24: Legacy.  Was a big fan of Jack Bower on the last show and I wasn’t sure of this one but after episode one, I was all in.

My current ones I watch in order:

Arrow: went back to basics and it’s been great overall

Flash: Not sure of the time travel part, kind of confusing right now but still a great show.

Gotham:  Very dark show but I don’t mind it as much since staying with it for season three. And I’m a fan of David Munoz.See?


David Mazouz..Young Bruce Wayne

DC Legends: Good show, but the one episode with George Lucas was meh. Love the Legion of Doom, too.

Supergirl: Not sure where the season is going right now.  I like the cast but too many story lines are happening for me right now.

I didnt put Agents of Shield because I had to sacrifice one of them on my DVR.

That’s it for me now.  Let me know your favorites and why by Friday and I will put them up for my weekend edition.

Be blessed.






new show for 2017..24 legacy 

im all in on this show.  i always was a huge 24 fan with kiefer sutherland as jack bower (never missed an episode).  this one looks to be legit.  i had to replace blindspot on my dvr, although i still like it.  ill see how 24 legacy goes through the season. what do you all think? 

be blessed

Q & A section

okay, had a family emergency yesterday so for today..

best art program for webcomics?

Post comments to be posted soon!

be blessed

A special announcement

Welcome back, everyone.  I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been following me on this blog and my comic related blog, Pisces Concepts.  I am truly grateful for your interest in my blogs and I wouldn’t be doing this without you.  I’ve been thinking about other ways to become more interactive with you with my blogs, and after reading some information from the Comics Academy, I decided that one thing that I am going to start doing is posting a comments section ON THE BLOG ITSELF.

So, starting this Friday, when you post a comment on my blogs, I will post them on their own BLOG PAGE, not just in the comments section!  I feel that it would be a good way to show that your comments mean  a lot to me and I wanted to show my appreciation.  So once again..THANK YOU!

PS, since the TV shows are starting back up again this week, a new post will be coming soon.  Stay tuned.


Be blessed.

fight night champion 

i had finally seen creed this weekend and im upset that I didn’t see this sooner.  it was a good movie and im going to watch it again this week.  it made me grab the xbox 360 and hit fight night champion again. 

i had my character in legacy mode who ive moved up to 7th rank in featherweight.  i had gotten a tite shot, just like on creed..and i lost in the 12th.  it was coil but i wanted that one. maybe next time.  

Learning as I go

I have to say that since I have been off of work this week, it has been an eye opening experience for me as far as my artwork goes.  It has ebbed and flowed from doing nothing some days (playing video games and doing chores) to writing, creating backstories, and completing concept art for my upcoming webcomic, Shield of Justice.  I’ve been trying out new designs and new tools on the GIMP program, seeing what works for me and I have to say, I still have a long way to go.

The program itself has so many tools to improve my art that one week wasn’t really enough time to go through it to the point that I can be comfortable.  I love the program because of its basic tools available and it has made me a better artist.  I’m still focusing on making my own voice with my artwork and I just happened to notice that it’s a journey that will take time to complete.

I’m getting better, but as I’ve read before “Webcomics are easy to start but difficult to master”.

Be blessed.


Shield of Justice artwork coming soon

This weekend, I have some artwork to post about the upcoming Shield of Justice webcomic.  Stay tuned and be blessed.